What You Need to Know About Australian Immigration

What You Need to Know About Australian Immigration

Australia is definitely one of the must-visit location. The breathtaking scenery and serene and laid back lifestyle attracts a number of tourists and travelers. It is also a popular haven for immigrants who are looking for a fresh start in a foreign land. Moreover, the Australian immigration processing is known for their topnotch systems and speedy processing.


If you are looking for more reasons to move to Australia, these pockets of knowledge about their immigration process.


  1. Australia is one of the most popular immigration destination

Indeed. A lot of immigrants are looking into Australia as their desire location to immigrate. And for a good reason. Aside the amazing destinations and tourist spots, Australia offers a number of benefits to its citizen like top-notch health care policies, world renowned educational system and the openness to diversity. Best of all, they are open and willing on supporting business migrants so they can thrive on this country by providing sponsorships. Hence, a lot of foreign investors are eyeing on relocating to Australia due to appealing business opportunities.


  1. There are five visa categories

The visa categories in Australia is broken down to five categories: work visa, business innovation and investment, visitor visa, student visa and permanent residency visa. These categories mainly specify the intention of the application. One of the most popular is the work visa which is applied for by skilled workers. Business visa is given to investors who would like to make an investment in the country. For foreign students who are looking forward to studying or having their fellowship in Australia. For permanent residency visa application, they should be living at least two years in the country and has been working on the same location for at least a year. Australian immigration consultants in Dubai always discuss this with their clients so they would know which category they belong.


  1. Point-based system is applied

Australia’s visa processing system is one of the fastest in the world due to its renowned point-based system. With this system, an applicant can immediately know his eligibility status based on a point-system that gives a specific score or points on different factors such as age, educational attainment, employment and work experience, language proficiency. To pass or get your application approved, the applicant must accumulate a minimum score of 60 points. The system is quite efficient as the immigration officers can easily judge or predict the status of an immigration applicant. Applicants, on the other hand, would know what aspect they need to work on.


  1. SkillSelect helps on determining the skills needed on each region

SkillSelect is a web-based application or site where an immigration applicant can send his Expression of Interest (EOI) to migrate and create a profile to determine which visa category he wanted to apply, his skills set and other necessary information needed for his application. The government used this system to manage the migration process of skilled workers and balance the supply (number of applicants) and demand (work available in particular region). Due to this system, the application processing time is reduced and placed immigrants on regions and locations that are in need of the skill set.

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