What Not To Do When You Are In A Desert Trip

What Not To Do When You Are In A Desert Trip

The best desert safari in Dubai offers loads of fun activities tourist and travelers need to take advantage of. It is a once-in-lifetime experience that should not be missed.

But at times, mishaps happens along the ways and some travelers forgot how this trip can change their life. A little travel bump can ruin the mood and the experience. To prevent this from happening, it is a must that you know these don’ts to fully enjoy the trip.


  1. Forgetting your schedule

Tour operators follow a strict schedule when conducting their tours, and if you were late there in no chance that they will wait for you. They will either leave without you or you will have to book another trip for you to come in the desert. This can cost you more. To avoid this mishap, be sure to know your schedule. The day before the trip, confirm your booking and set your alarm appropriately. Prepare your things the night before so you will not cram in the morning putting and throwing everything on your bag.


  1. Not bringing your own essentials

Speaking of preparation, some travelers think that it is not necessary to bring their own essentials to the trip. Tour operators might provide you with the basic necessities but you may need to bring some of your own. Most the tour package offers water and food but not your personal toiletries. They would suggest to you to pack your own. If did not, you might need to buy them on the way to the trip which is more expensive. Know what are the things you need to bring and prepare them in advance. Have a checklist if necessary so you will not forget anything. For desert trips, the essentials would be your own toiletries, change of clothes, sunscreens and hats.


  1. Not dressing appropriately

The desert can be an uncomfortable environment, especially if you are not accustomed to it. Desert trip operators require tourists and travelers to wear something light in material like cotton shirts and pants. Wear appropriate footwear as well. And keep in mind that Dubai has a strict code when it comes to dressing so be sure to follow it to a letter to avoid getting into trouble.


  1. Not trying out the rides

Some tourists don’t want to try out the rides since it looks scary. It is good to stay on the safe side but they are missing the fun! Get out of your comfort zone and go for it. But if you have a health condition, it would be best to stay out of it.


  1. Not trying out the culture

The purpose of travelling is trying out something new. So when you are in a new location, do not hesitate to try out things that this country offers – may it be food, entertainment, etc. You might surprise yourself by trying out other’s culture.


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