Choosing Your Yacht Charter For Your Fishing Escapades

Choosing Your Yacht Charter For Your Fishing Escapades

One of the keys to a successful deep sea fishing in Dubai is having the right vessel and equipment. By having the right yacht, you be sure that it will take you to the right spot where there is plenty of fish, safe and secure.

So before signing any lease agreement with a charter, you must check the following factors first.


  1. Quality and variety vessels


One of the things that you need to check is the quality and line of yacht the charter company is offering. Experienced fishermen have preferred specs when fishing, depending on the type of yacht, the size, and the amenities. If you are the only one who will go on a fishing trip, a small yacht would be ideal but for family fishing trips, a larger vessel is need accompanies with certain amenities.


In terms of quality, you have to check on the boat’s manufactured year, how long has it been in used, or if it encountered technical problems before. Once you determine these details and cross-checked it with your fishing requirements, you can now narrow down the list of yacht the charter presented.


  1. Capable staff and crew


The captain cannot ran the ship alone. You need a team of competent people to help you sail. They should be trained on their field of expertise. Technical skills must be there, but so as the values. As crew they should be able to maintain the ship to the best of their abilities and resolve problems if something unfortunate happens. And they must be approachable to people inside the yacht. So if you are planning to rent a yacht in Dubai, get to know the team who will be working with you.


  1. Wide range of amenities


This would depend on what you exactly need. Some fishing enthusiasts want a boat that has less amenities since it is lighter and easier to handle. But for family fishing trips, it is a must to get a vessel that has complete amenities to serve the needs of all those who are in the vessel. Before booking how long you will be out in the sea, how many will come in the trip and what are the special needs that should be taken into consideration.


  1. Years of experience in the business


The wealth of experience of running this business is important as it speaks how charters handle and maintain their clients. Aside from the experience, ask for permits and licenses as proof that they are running a legitimate business.

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