Medical services in Dubai –hospitals, health clinics, dental services and pharmacies

Medical services in Dubai –hospitals, health clinics, dental services and pharmacies

UAE nationals and expatriates can all register with their local primary health care centre.

If you are privately-insured, registration with the centers is useful if you plan to be getting routine checks. You can also register with a family doctor or a general private practitioner to get the same services. There are no restrictions when it comes to the facility in use as long as the insurance policy covers the treatment.

However, residents using just the public health care, registering with the primary health care centre is, or rather, should be the first thing, to have your medical needs met. It is here that you can be able to receive routine medical check-ups from a team of dentists, doctors, nurses and other proficient medical practitioners.

The primary health care centers provide child health services, outpatient clinics, and dental check-ups together with some other specialist clinics such as pharmacies.

Dubai’s government hospitals and clinics offer very good services but if you are insured privately and you prefer private medical facilities, then you will not be in want.

There are many private doctors who are based in Dubai, both nationals and foreigners who have come to work in the region. It is very easy for patients to find a doctor who speaks their language but sometimes, in rare cases, you may be unable to find one close by. In those cases appointments are easy to make online or you can do so by just walking in to the facility.

The only downside with private medical providers is the lack of regulation when it comes to fees. There could be a very huge difference between what you are charged by one doctor and the next. The amount you pay also depends on your health policy.

There are doctor services that are available online that you can get access to by filling out a simple form on their websites.

There is also information about public health services and the fees you expect to pay online – one of the grand benefits of technology. You can utilize some of the sites to locate pharmacies near you that have 24-hour service.

Dubai has 4 public hospitals including Dubai Hospital, Maktoum Hospital, Al Wasl Hospital and Rashid Hospital. These are accessible to both non-residents and residents in the event of emergency needs. In non-emergency cases, you can make appointments although in those cases it is always advisable to visit clinics nearest to your home.

The hospitals charge the same amount for everyone regardless of their nationality. However, the amount that you pay varies based on the kind of health insurance policy. Naturally, if you do not have any insurance cover, you pay the whole fee.

The government-run hospitals also provide dental care and the prices there are lower than in private clinics.

Yet, there are a number of private practices that offer state-of-the-art dental treatment. They would work very well for people with a dental cover in their health policies.

With regards to prescribed drugs or over-the-counter drugs, you can find chemists and pharmacies in many parts of Dubai. Most of them open from Saturday to Thursday but there are others that are open on Fridays.

There are also emergency lines that you can call when necessary.

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