How to Spruce Up Common Gift Items

How to Spruce Up Common Gift Items

Here’s the truth: not everyone is good at picking and buying gifts. And sometimes to avoid gift-giving mistakes, these individuals resort to play safe and give gifts that are commonly found on stores and shops.


But you don’t to resort on picking safe items for a gift, but you can turn the most ordinary gift into an awesome present by doing the following:


  1. Flowers

Flowers are run-on-the-mill choice for all occasions since it is easy to order one through your trusted flower shop or online. But if you have been receiving the same flower arrangement over and over again, it kind of gets old. Spice up flower-giving by ordering an out-of-the-box flower arrangement. If you are the kind of person that mostly give a bouquet of roses, then maybe it is high time to pick their flowers. There are lots to choose from so your options is limitless. Mix and match the colors and add some elements (chocolates, bears, etc.) to it, depending on the occasion. You can tell your flowershop Dubai  online store on how you want it to be arranged and what are the things you want to include on the arrangement.


  1. Cakes

Cakes, particularly birthday cakes, comes in usual design, size and flavors. But you don’t have to stick to that. Breakaway from the usual by ordering cakes with odd shapes and new flavors. Be adventurous when choosing flavors. Odd flavor combinations might spice up your taste bud and the party as well. The birthday cakes Dubai online shops sells comes with different flavors and design. If you are tired of cakes, then having cupcakes, macaroons, or truffles on a birthday celebration can be an option too.


  1. Care packages

Care packages can get boring and on the nose. Get it a much-needed upgrade by including humor on your get-well care packages. This would bring smile to the patients face. Be creative when arranging your care packages, aside from what the patient really needs, you can a touch of wit by include a mug with funny message, a funny photo, or comical cards and illustration. Remember, you can never go wrong with humor.


  1. Hampers

Hampers are usually given as a formal gift. But no need to stick to that. You can add a comic relief to your hamper arrangement by putting complete contrast essentials to the basket. But to prevent the arrangement from looking all over the place, you must first think of a theme and a way to connect those items inside the basket. And provide a funny instructions or menu for the receiver to follow.


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