Car Maintenance Schedule Car Owners Need to Follow

Car Maintenance Schedule Car Owners Need to Follow

Cars brings lots of benefits to owners. With their own car, they can go wherever they want to and they have a vehicle that they can use at their disposal anytime they need it. But as car owners, it is our responsibility to take good care of this investment.


Without proper maintenance, it can deteriorate before it’s due. So it is important that you follow a car maintenance schedule that would help prolong the life of your vehicle. Here is a basic maintenance schedule that you can follow:


Weekly Maintenance


Yes, a weekly maintenance is a must, especially if you are using your car on a daily basis. But this schedule, the basic car maintenance that you need to do is to do a check on your car’s tire. Your car tires are in direct contact with the road and the probably the fastest to wear on all car components. So check your car tires weekly to check for holes, crack, wear and tear. If you see any irregularities, check the severity of the irregularities to know whether you are in for a repair or a replacement.


2-3 Months


Once every 2-3 months, you need to check the water levels of your car battery. If would also be a perfect opportunity to check the car battery itself. Car batteries can also for a good one to two years, based on the maintenance. However, there are instances that your car battery fails due to different reasons like swollen and bloated cases and leakage. You ought to check your battery from time to time to see if you need to contact your supplier and experts of car battery replacement in Sharjah to know if you are up for car battery replacement or repair.


 6-8 Months

Cleaning your car is a very important task you need to do, and not just the exterior but the interior as well. Be sure to clean your engine from grime and road filth. You may need to have your battery terminals clean to ensure that the flow of the electricity have no blockage going to your electrical system.



Yearly car maintenance schedule is the most important but tedious of all. This is the time of the year when you need to have your tune ups and oil and fluid changes. It can also be the time to make some major repairs and replacements to ensure your car’s optimal performance. Be sure not to miss this one out.


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