5 Toddler Activities That Can Help With Their Holistic Development

5 Toddler Activities That Can Help With Their Holistic Development

As parents, we always make sure that we give our kids the best things in life, including making sure that their developmental milestone are met. But holistic development doesn’t just happen on their own. Parents need to take action and make sure that their kids is developing according to their age.

Here are some children activities in Abu Dhabi that you might consider enrolling to, to help with their development:

  1. Physical activities

Some parents are quite afraid that letting their kids engage in physical activities might lead to accidents and their little ones getting hurt. But physical movements are necessary for their development. By not allowing them to go on a physical play, their body might weaken as they grow up. If you are afraid that being unsupervised might lead to accidents, you can enroll them in a playschool, wherein there are instructors that can supervised their plays. They also have programs that can help develop all parts of the body.

  1. Art-related activities

In this day and age, creativity is greatly emphasized. Companies and businesses are always looking for people who have creative and innovative instincts. At a young age, it is important that kids are able to express their creativity in any way. There are a lot of activities that can encourage creativity. Apart from letting them explore drawing and painting, you can also use some creative exercises like word play to widen their vocabulary.

  1. Story-reading activities

The love for reading is foster at an early age. Parents used to read their kids bedtime stories. To further engage their love for reading, you can have them join reading classes. In these classes, kids will be asked to choose a book and read them in front of the class. There will also be simple discussions about the material and students and participants can share their thoughts and ideas.

  1. Role-playing activities

Role playing is a good way to develop your kids’ values, including teamwork and collaboration. Letting your kids play with other kids will help them to be more social and would teach them to be more comfortable working with a group.

  1. Music-related activities

Getting involve in music can also increase your kid’s creativity. Music lessons will engage them in using different musical instruments and develop an ear for good music.


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