Know The Enemy: 5 Things You Need To Know About Rodents

Know The Enemy: 5 Things You Need To Know About Rodents

Rats and rodents are the number 1 enemy of homeowners. Their presence would mean that there is a more serious problem lurking in your property. Once they start to breed inside your home, it is hard to stop them.

Which is why you need to make sure that rodent pest control is top-notch. But before you do that, you need to know what kind of pest you are dealing with. Here is some basic information about these pests that you need to know.

  • They live in groups

If you see a single mouse inside the property, it doesn’t mean that it lives alone. This can be a sign that there are other lurking behind the dark spaces of your home. So do not disregard the presence of a single rat. Instead, try to track the hideout of these pests and start planning your pest extermination methods.

  • They are territorial

Like any other mammals, rats can be territorial. Since they live in groups, there has to be one that would serve as a leader. To prevent others from messing their space, rats mark their territories with urine. They also inspect their territories on a daily basis to see if someone messed with it. So when you are setting up traps, place it in a space that is not their territory.

  • They breed rapidly

Rats and mice can breed as fasts as rabbits do. A female mouse can give birth to 8-10 mice in a span of 20 days after mating. In 3 months, they can invade your property and destroy your home. This is why you need to exterminate every rodent alive inside your home to prevent them from breeding more.

  • They are nocturnal

It is rare to see rats in the morning as they are nocturnal animals. They usually sleep during the day and roam around their property or territory at night. This would mean that you need to set up your traps before the night falls so you can increase your chances of catching more.

  • Their hearing is excellent

Mice have excellent hearing. They can hear noises in higher tones and frequencies, an ability that allows them to escape and thrive. Their vision is excellent as well. So, when setting up traps, be as quiet as possible. Try not to scare them when they are about to enter your bait.

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