Individuals That Should Be On Any Contractor’s List

Individuals That Should Be On Any Contractor’s List

When you are running a construction and building business, you need a team that would help you manage your business. Without a team, there is a chance that you will be spreading yourself thin and that would compromise the projects.

By having credible people on your team, you can ensure that your business will run smoothly and you can concentrate on things that matters. But who are these people?

  1. Passionate builders and carpenters

These people are the front-liners of your business. They are the ones who will be in charge of making the project a reality, so it is a must that you hire passionate builders and carpenters on your team with the right skills and attitude. On the technical side, you may need to get a trusted architect and engineer that would lead the team.


  1. Resourceful procurement officer

Apart from competent staff, you need to get quality materials for the project. This task falls to the shoulder of the procurement officer. They will be in charge of scouting building materials companies in UAE to help you procure and order items you need for your project. This individual will also be responsible to procuring items for your office and will be the ones to deal with companies and suppliers when there are office and project materials that needs to be taken care of. This person should be honest, transparent, and neutral. He should not favor one supplier over the other due to personal reasons. Lastly, he must be knowledgeable on the construction projects so he would know what brands and materials to procure.


  1. Accurate accountant

Any business needs money to run, hence, you need a person to ensure that the company’s cash flow is flowing smoothly. A trusted accountant can help you on that department. Your accountant can also help on updating your books and ensure that the company is spending the money well. He should be able to tell the management the financial status of the company from time to time and make suggestions on how you can cut corners without compromising the quality of service.


  1. Outstanding admin officer

Paper works can take time of business owners. And with all the documents that you need to process and secure, it might take a day or two to finish everything. This can eat up your precious time. Get a good admin officer to help you with this. This person should be organized and value confidentiality the most.


  1. Brilliant marketing and business development officer

The phrase, “Your business would sell itself” might be true for some. But if you are starting company, you need to device a way to market yourself to your prospective clients. Have a marketing person that can help plot out strategies to sell your company.

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