What to Look for in an Exhibition Contractor

What to Look for in an Exhibition Contractor

Joining exhibitions and fairs can do wonders for your business. By being present on the said events, you will be able to introduce your company and products and meet prospective clients personally.


But setting up a booth is not just putting your products out there. Since you have a lot of competition, you need to up your game and be sure that you are being noticed in the sea of booths and clients. To achieve that, you must employ the help of exhibition contractors. If you are currently looking for one, then these are the factors that you need to consider:


  1. Has an Eye for Design

Given the competition, you booth should stand out from the rest without losing your brand identity. Remember you are competing with other participants, your booth design should speak of what you can offer, in a creative manner. Your exhibition contractor must be able to provide unique exhibition and booth designs for you to choose from. The best exhibition stand builders in Dubai always marry the concept of design and function. Pick one that takes in consideration these two factors. Plus factor if they can incorporate the latest marketing visual trends to make your booth


  1. Has a reliable team of builders

A creative vision is nothing without a team of reliable builders to execute these design. Ask your prospective exhibition contractors about the team that will build your booth. Expert exhibition contractors have a couple of creative people, trusted carpenters and installation engineers to execute the vision you have in mind and use the latest production techniques.


  1. Collaborative

Collaboration is important when working with a client. Exhibition stand design UAE contractors always get the brief from the clients and ask them what they have in mind in terms of design and functionalities. From there, the design team would draw an inspiration from the brief and incorporate their design knowledge. Once they came up with several designs, the contractors will present them to you and ask your feedback. Be sure to get an exhibition contractor that is open to suggestions, especially from the client.


  1. Strict with deadlines

Setting a deadline is important since exhibitions have a set schedule. A day that you missed would mean missed opportunities like making your brand known or closing a deal or sales. Make sure that you exhibition contractors are strict with their timelines. They should be able to deliver right on time to avoid delays on approval, set-up and fabrication. And they should be able to provide leeway on unexpected changes.


  1. Reasonable pricing and packages

Although it is not advisable for clients to lowball contractors, the contractors should be able to provide the best price based on the design, labor, and materials that will be used. They should be able to justify their costing. On the day of the installation, checked if the materials they used are top notch and high quality.

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